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Softly, softly

"...for when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom,

the gentler gamester is the soonest winner."

-HENRY V - Shakespeare

Media Convergance

So. Media Convergence. Interesting term.

No longer do we watch a movie, or a TV show, or make a call on our mobile phones, or use the internet, or read a book.

What we do now is...

Watch a documentary on the internet about a TV show which we then download to our mobile phones.


Watch a trailer on the internet, read a book about the movie, then watch the movie on our computers, and text our friends about how good/bad it was.

I don't know what all this means, but it's a little scary.

Josies Lalaland


Three Quotes

From the Stoic Marcus Aurelius:

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."


“There is nothing the busy man is less busied with than living; there is nothing harder to learn.”

Greek proverb:

"Passa plemmyris peritrepetai." ("Every tide turns.")